1. Go to the download section and select the version compatible with your installed version of Wwise, then download and follow the installation instructions below.

  2. Open the Audiokinetic Launcher and go to the Plug-ins tab. Under INSTALL NEW PLUG-INS section, select Add from directory then Add from archive.

alt text

  1. Locate your downloaded archive and select it. The Launcher will then proceed to extract the plug-in. You are now ready to use your plug-in within Wwise!

For instructions on how to set up the plug-in please proceed to Using atmoky Ears or watch this short introduction video (opens in a new tab) video on Youtube.

Unity and Unreal integration

In Unity/Unreal tab, locate your project and click on Modify Wwise in project. In order to install required libraries in your Unity/Unreal project, click on Modify.

For Unreal only, you will have to recompile your project following the below steps:

  1. In a text editor, open <Unreal Project>/Plugins/Wwise/Source/AkAudio/AkAudio.Build.cs Locate this line:
AddWwiseLib(Target, “AkRecorderFX”);

Under it, add the following line:

AddWwiseLib(Target, “atmoky Ears”).
  1. Recompile your game

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