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A Participant represents a user that has joined a Room. There are two types of participants: LocalParticipant and RemoteParticipant.

Local Participant

The local client using the application is represented by the LocalParticipant. It is created when the user joins a Room and is destroyed when the user leaves the Room.
As the local participant is able to publish audio and video tracks, each room has a local participant.

Basic Usage

Publish Microphone

const localParticipant = room.localParticipant;
// mute the microphone

Remote Participant

As the name suggests, a RemoteParticipant represents a remote user that has joined a Room.
In the audio graph, a RemoteParticipant is represented by an Audio Object. With that, you can set the position and all other audio properties of remote participant.
Remote participants are automatically connected to the local participant, so you can hear them as soon as they join the room.

Basic Usage

Accessing a RemoteParticipant

RemoteParticipants can be accessed via the respective Room. You can either access a single participant via its identity or get a list of tuples of the form.
[participantIdentity: string, participant: atmoky.RemoteParticipant]
const remoteParticipant = room.getParticipantByIdentity(
const participants = room.participants;

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