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Real-time Communication
Audio Connection Manager

Audio Connection Manager

In large spaces, it is not feasible to subscribe to every Remote Participant's microphone stream as it would require too much bandwidth. The Audio Connection Manager is a tool that helps manage which Remote Participant should be connected to the virtual listener. It automatically subscribes to the Remote Participants that are closest to the listener and unsubscribes from the ones that are out of range.
To further control the number of simultaneous connections, the number of concurrent connections can be set via Space.setNumberOfAutoConnections.

Audio Connection Mode

Not every Voice Communication session is the same. In some cases, it is important to hear every Remote Participant, regardless of their distance in space. Or maybe it is important to hear a specific Remote Participant all the time like the person giving a presentation.
In order to manual control which Remote Participant the client subscribes to, you can set the audio connection mode of a RemoteParticipant.
const audioConnectionMode = participant.getAudioConnectionMode();
There are three different modes: Auto, Always and Never.


This is the default setting. The Audio Connection Manager will automatically decide wether or not to subscribe to this participant depending on their distance in space.


The Audio Connection Manager will always subscribe to this participant, regardless of their distance to the local participant.


The Audio Connection Manager will never subscribe to this participant. This can be useful to mute a participant locally. In contrast to setting their gain to 0, this will not send any audio data to the client.

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