atmoky Engage Server SDK is now available! Check out the documentation to learn more.


atmoky Engage comes as two node.js (opens in a new tab) packages that can be installed with npm. The Client SDK is in charge of spatial rendering and handling WebRTC connections in the background. The Server SDK handles access token creation.

Setup npm

The SDKs are provided as part of a private node package registry. The following snippet shows how to configure npm so it knows where to look for the packages.
# let npm know where to find @atmokyaudio packages
npm config set @atmokyaudio:registry
# add access token
npm config set -- "//" "<your_package_registry_token>"
Alternatively, you can directly edit your npmrc (opens in a new tab) config file (~/.npmrc or C:\Users\<user>\.npmrc) and add the following lines:
When using bun as a package manager you can add the following lines to your ~/.bunfig.toml file:
"@atmokyaudio" = { token = "<your_package_registry_token>", url = "" }
In order to obtain an access token for the package registry, please contact sales (opens in a new tab).
These tokens are for gaining access to the package registry only and should not be confused with the authentication tokens needed for regular use of atmoky Engage. The latter have to be created with Engage Server SDK.

Client Setup

Install the Client SDK

npm install @atmokyaudio/engage-client

Import the Client SDK

import { Space } from "@atmokyaudio/engage-client";

Server Setup

Install the Server SDK

npm install @atmokyaudio/engage-server-sdk

Import the Server SDK

import { AccessToken } from "@atmokyaudio/engage-server-sdk";

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