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Coordinate System

Coordinate System

The default coordinate system used in Engage is a right-handed system with the x-axis point to the right, the y-axis pointing upwards, and the z-axis pointing back. This is the same coordinate system used in OpenGL or three.js, for example. However, when creating a Space instance you can specify a different 'CoordinateSystem', e.g. CoordinateSystem.unity (left-handed with x: right, y: up, z: front) or CoordinateSystem.atmoky (right-handed with x: front, y: left, z: up), which is common in the spatial audio community.
The coordinate system for the listener's and sources' positions is a right-hand system with the x-axis pointing towards the front, the y axis to the left, and the z-axis upwards. Per default the listener is positioned in the origin (0, 0, 0), facing towards the positive x-axis.

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