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Ambisonic Source Properties

Ambisonic Source Properties

Ambisonic audio clips encode a full 3D sound field which is faithfully reproduced by the atmokyAmbisonicDecoder. Still there are some properties you can tweak:

Source Orientation

The atmokyAmbisonicDecoder also considers the orientation of the audio source. That is, you can rotate the ambisonic audio clip by changing the rotation of the audio source.

Headlocked Rendering

Per default, the atmokyAmbisonicDecoder will spatialize the audio clip in headtracked mode, i.e. the audio clip will be spatialized according to the listener's head rotation. However, sometimes it is desireable to ignore the rotation of the AudioListener, e.g. when the audio clip is used for background music or sound effects that are related to UI components.

If you want the Ambisonic audio clip to play in headlocked mode, add the atmokyAmbisonicSource.cs script and enable headlocked mode by setting it to 1, or set the 'Headlocked' property programmatically.

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