atmoky trueSpatial for Unity v1.3.0 has been released! Check out the Changelog to learn more.



  • added Receiver plug-in to receive unprocessed audio signals from an audio source
  • added OcclusionProbeGroup script to automatically apply smooth occlusion effects
  • added sample scene for occlusion effects
  • added reverb effect via Receiver plug-in to Source Directivity sample scene


  • added Directivity Presets to atmoky Source script
  • added Sample Scenes to package
  • fixed potential audio silence caused by invalid rotation matrices sent from Unity


  • Near-field Effects: When the listener is within the near-field of a source, nearfield rendering can be used to create ASMR-like effects.
  • Parallax Effect: Sources near to the listener will have a parallax effect applied to them, making them more realistic. This also results in smoother transitions when sounds go through the listener.
  • Stereo Rendering: The spatial spread parameter of an audio source will affect stereo signals, enabling preservation of the stero image without changing the sound location.
  • Gizmos and Tools: Orientation of Ambisonic sources will be displayed, as well as directivity patterns of regular audio sources. There is also an editor tool which allows for quick adjustment of the source's directivity pattern.
  • UI improvements: All plug-ins and scripts come with revised UIs, making the workflow easier.
  • Next available renderer functionality: The renderer UI now has a button which automatically selects the next available renderer.

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