atmoky trueSpatial for Unity v1.2.0 has been released! Check out the Changelog to learn more.
Sample Scenes

Sample Scenes

(added in v1.2.0)

The atmoky trueSpatial package comes with a set of sample scenes to help you get started with spatial audio. These scenes are designed to demonstrate the capabilities of atmoky trueSpatial.

You can import a sample scene by opening the Package Manager and selecting the "Samples" tab.

In case you aren't using the built-in rendering pipeline, you might need to update the included materials to work with your rendering pipeline (e.g. for URP: Edit -> Rendering -> Materials -> Convert Selected Built-in Materials to URP). Otherwise all materials will be pink.

Source Directivity
A demo scene showcasing how to apply source directivity.
Nearfield Effects
A demo scene showcasing how to apply nearfield effects to audio sources.
Many Sources
A demo scene containing many audio sources to showcase the performance of the trueSpatial plugin.
Ambisonic Sound Bed
A demo scene containing an Ambisonic sound bed to showcase the rendering of Ambisonic audio.

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